Wood Flooring in a nutshell...

Woodpecker is our leading brand from Kenton Floors, a family-owned manufacturer that provides wholesale wood flooring for residential and commercial premises. We also supply Solid, Engineered, Laminate, Cork and Bamboo floors. Our motto has always been: ‘THE BEST IS ONLY JUST GOOD ENOUGH

What’s in a name?

Every Briton’s home is their castle. Even in this modern world of awfully named skyscrapers we remain fascinated by castles; some of which are still owned by the same family after hundreds of years.

It is no secret that we are proud of our shared heritage, of those man-made works now entwined with their beautiful surroundings. 

Our family devotes its work to justifying this tradition and capturing some of that enduring magic, with man-made flooring at home with nature.

That is why we style our collections in their name.

Kenton Floors

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